SBS Skillion Roof Sheds

Skillion Roof Sheds/Garages - Designs

Skillion or Monopitch Roof Sheds

Our innovative design and quoting software allows us to customise your shed, barn or garage, making it a simple process for you to choose what best suits your needs.

Monopitch roof-lines are now a standard offering in our range and can be custom designed with mixed roof pitches of 5°, 11°, 15° and even 22°.

With modern house designs now often featuring skillion (monopitch) roofs SBS are able to offer shed designs with the same types of skillion roofing. In fact we did our first one over 12 years ago in response to a customer request to custom design an American Barn style shed with skillion roofs to match the existing roof line of his house.

Skillion roofs also lend themselves to the addition of solar panels by maximizing the roof area that can be faced towards the sun. Our design software can automatically ensure roof loadings up to an additional 20kgm², more than adequate for most solar applications.

As with all our sheds the widths, lengths and heights are all fully customizable to suit your needs and of course a complete range of options are available.

SBS Buildings are Designed to meet Appropriate Australian Standards.