SBS Quakers Barns

Unique design with maximum storage

SBS Quakers Barns

Probably one of the most distinct shed design available, the Quakers Barn offers more storage than most other shed designs.

Steel Building Solutions Beaudesert can supply Quakers Barns in a multitude of designs making it possible to style them to suit your requirements perfectly.

A shed or garage from SBS Beaudesert is the perfect addition to any Australian home

Style with impact

Make an impact with a Quakers Barn. Looking for style, then a Quakers Barn might be just what your looking for. It features wide, open space and is undeniably stylish.

Unique in design Quakers Barns take advantage of upstairs space making them a functional solution for that studio apartment, holiday block or alternate living area. Boasting a massive storage capacity they are also widely used as double garages.

Unique properties of Quaker Barns

Quakers Barns begin at 6m wide and are fitted with either horizontal or vertical cladding.

SBS Quaker Barns offer the ultimate in design possibilities

SBS Buildings are Designed to meet Appropriate Australian Standards.